Reflective Essay: Pre-Service Teachers In The Classroom

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Ring! Ring! The sound of the school bell goes off and students are rushing through my door to learn. The fulfillment of students in the classroom excites me in my pedagogy of teaching, although it took a heavy load of time and personal will power to mold myself into a pre-service teacher in the community of San Antonio. Being the best teacher for my students would be like winning the Olympics each day I taught my students and in order to do that I learned by volunteering to join the best leadership skills I could learn from the United States Army three years ago. Nevertheless, I have overcome roadblocks along the way in my progression as an undergrad. Being a first year college student from my family meant that I had a heavy amount
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What I have learned from professors at TAMUSA is to channel your knowledge and skills to empower the community. My leadership roles at Texas A&M University-San Antonio have been in the classroom throughout my progress as an undergrad. I have been in programs such as Communities in SA, SA Reads, Cohort field residency, and volunteering at local elementary schools that have English Language Learners (ELLs). I feel confident in my teaching because I wanted to learn how to gain leadership and lead students, so I joined the United States Army to help me gain that skill. The important thing to me, as an education major, is that I want students to know that I will be their role model. I will guide them along the way, so that they can become independent and have intrinsic motivation for their education. As an undergrad from TAMUSA, I will reflect my passion for teaching through my strong leadership to my future collages, students and their family, and people in the community of San Antonio and beyond in my future …show more content…
The greatest challenge for me was to pay for college as a first year college student in my family. I fought hard to apply for scholarships and be in the top of my class in high school. However, life will always throw you curveballs when you least expect it. I lost some of the most important people in my life such as both my grandpas, grandma and close friends. Losing someone is a hardship that takes time to heal a broken heart, but for me my heart will always be missing a piece of the memories I had with those close to my heart. Despite the hardship, living on my own and going to school fulltime was a choice I made to continue my education. I did not grow up in San Antonio, so I would commute daily from a small town outside San Antonio called Seguin. I would attend day and night courses through out my progression in my education career and it has landed me an associates from Palo Alto College of Alamo Colleges and soon to be a baccalaureate from TAMUSA this spring semester of 2016. Looking down the road the ahead, a few years back, I knew money was going to be an issues as I was first coming into TAMUSA from Palo Alto College of Alamo Colleges. Despite taking out student loans, I came up with a personal courage choice for myself and an opportunity to pay for my education career through the Army. The Army taught me

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