My Journey Through The Nursing Program Essays

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My journey in the RN to BSN Program was not a simple one rather a tough one. It took a lot from me to get through the entire program; but even though it entailed hard work, it was worth it. All the courses I took led to my personal growth and development as a nurse, and equipped me with the master papers and necessary knowledge and skill to make it to the professional world. As I was taking one nursing course to another, I kept in mind the Through this paper, I express in detail my journey and growth in the nursing program.
I have grown and learned more that I thought possible
Growth in critical thinking
I have always been a thinker, quiet thinker, but never been good at putting that onto paper or into an essay. I have keen sense in analyzing, conceptualizing, applying, and/or evaluating information gathered from observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication. In this program, in every course, I was pushed to put those thoughts into words and writing. That journey began with BNURS 350 critical thinking in nursing course. Analytical writing was tough. I had to quickly gather and sort and organize my thoughts into writing. I felt the pressure, anxiety, and disorganized. My thoughts were not complete. I was frustrated. However, as time passed on things got slightly easier. Each week, I was prepared, somewhat, but always nervous what curve ball will I see thrown to my way. That continued in BNURS 407 cultural and social issues in healthcare course,…

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