Personal Narrative: My Top Three Values

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My top three values from the card sort include (in order) advancement, leisure/balance, and interaction with people. Advancement is the most valued because I always want to be improving myself and never hit a plateau in performance. I want to be looking for new problems to solve or new information to learn as time goes on. Once one goal is achieved, I want to have another goal to accomplish and keep the challenge going. That being said, I would also value leisure/balance because I would want to spend time with my family and friends. After a long day of work, I want to spend time with my loved ones because they have always supported me. Moreover, it helps to relieve work related stress and would increase my productivity at work the following
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When it comes to a job, these strengths can help me succeed in many ways. First, "Capacity to love and be loved" can help me to build strong relationships are work. I can become close with my coworkers and help them with whatever they need. Helping them without asking for anything in return will give me inner happiness. Also, whenever someone wants to help me, I allow them because it will be an efficient way to complete most tasks with two people. My second strength, "gratitude", shows that if I get a promotion at work, I will not take it for granted. It shows that if I am ever in need for help to complete a project, I will be thankful for the person who helped me. Third, "caution, prudence, and discretion", shows that I take extra precaution when working on more important tasks. It shows that I think before I speak so I do not offend my coworkers. Fourth, "Citizenship, teamwork, and loyalty", will allow me to work in a team as most jobs will require me to cooperate with everyone. If I do not show teamwork, tasks will not be complete efficiently. Fifth, "Kindness and generosity", shows that if I am kind to everyone, mostly everyone will return the gesture. This kindness will create a ripple effect and will make the workplace into a more …show more content…
I would want to work for a public organization, and surround myself in a work environment in which people have the common goal of helping others. I would want to perform activities that vary from day to day and not repeat themselves. I want every day to be a new day and keep challenging myself to do better. I want to do the activities in a team orientated or people orientated environment in which I am always surrounded by people. In order to organize occupational options, I learned about the National Occupation Classification (NOC). The Government of Canada uses NOC to classify jobs based on the tope of work and job duties that they person may have to do (Find your NOC,

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