My Journey Of Becoming A Educator Essay

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Professional Biography To those that know me, I was born Natasha Rene’ Epps in October of 1972. I was raised in Spring Valley, New York by a single mom who worked as a nurse to provide for her children. At an early age I was taught to be independent and to stand on my own two feet. I’m very thankful for the wisdom my mom bestowed upon me as she taught me how to become a responsible person. Many of the lessons I learned from her have shaped who I am as a teacher, mother, sister, and friend. As I take you on my journey of becoming an educator, I hope you enjoy the joys and pains that have made me the person that I am today. At an early age my mother often worked long hours to provide for her children and my brother and I often spent long hours inside looking for things to do to pass the time. This is where I became an educator. In my bedroom many years ago playing teacher to the countless number of teddy bears I called my friends. Day after day I would read to my teddy bears teaching them the things my teacher taught me throughout the week. All the while not knowing how these playing teacher moments were helping me become a strong confident reader. Unfortunately at the age of ten my mother passed away. I was sent to South Carolina to finish my education and those lessons I learned as a youngster would forever stay with me. In my mind I was always destined to be a teacher. Those days of teaching my teddy bears made me strive to make all my dreams of becoming a…

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