Academic Biography Essay

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My academic biography is not the most noteworthy but reflecting on it is interesting. I’ve had a few teachers that I liked, but my favorite was Mr. Stafford. He was my seventh and eighth grade English teacher. He always put in the extra effort to help us learn and make sure we were still enjoying our time. He had this thing that he did every year where he set people up in groups. With these groups he would do competitions by asking questions relevant to what we were learning and give groups points accordingly. With these points you could buy things like sweets or even a notecard to write notes to use for a test. The subjects that I have always done well in were history and English. I always have enjoyed learning about history so it’s easy …show more content…
In high school I found that using notecards is one of the best ways for me to learn. Using notecards would break things down into smaller thoughts that my brain could remember better. For college I will definitely continue using notecards and start studying earlier so that I will have less to stress about come the night before the test. In high school I did zero extracurricular activities. The only things my school offered was sports related and they were not for me. Maybe if they had a tennis extracurricular activity I may have done something, but soccer, basketball, and volley ball are not sports that I have any set of skill in. At USF I would like to join a club, but a club that isn’t related to academics. I just would like to meet people with the same interests as …show more content…
I see where my strengths lie and what I find interesting so I decided that, for my knowledge of career options, psychology is my best bet. Psychology is the only major I have considered because I really don’t know of anything else that would interest me. I have researched career information and, of course, have been somewhat disappointed. A B.A in psychology almost means nothing in the field, which is what I find disappointing. I would like to leave college and jump right in, but because it’s a big interest of mine I figure all the extra work I have to put into it will be worth

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