My Interest And The Field Essay

1977 Words Nov 24th, 2014 null Page
In this essay, I will be reporting about my interest and the field that I will pursue after my graduation with my Associate Applied Science and Associate of Art. I will also discuss the skills and knowledge that I had learned throughout my time while in Heald College toward my major of Criminal Justice.
In the aspect of Criminal Justice field, after graduating from Heald College, I will forward toward to become a Law Enforcement, to use my skills and knowledge to help the community. Being in the Law Enforcement is something that inspired me to learn everything that I can and gain knowledge, so I can become a great peace officer and able to enforce the “letter of the law” and “letter of the spirit.”
As I was growing up knowing that my father and grandfather was in the army to protect his homeland, and after knowing what my father and my grandfather did, made me want to follow their footsteps. I knew what I wanted, to become a Law Enforcement but at the same time, I wanted to join a military; I didn’t want to leave my family as though what my father and grandpa did was to inspire about, it was a tough decision, and so I concluded myself to become a Criminal Justice.
After working as a security for several years, and understanding what my position was made me want to move up to become a Law Enforcement. I Knew that every day isn’t the same thing and it excited for me to work with and to increase my skills with different scenarios, be able to problem solve and think on my feet…

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