My Intent Behind The Pursuit Of Master 's Degree Essay

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“If you think you are worth what you know, you are very wrong. Your

knowledge today does not have much value beyond a couple of years. Your

value is what you can learn and how easily you can adapt to the changes this

profession brings so often.” – Jose M. Aguilar

The aforementioned quote summarizes my intent behind the pursuit of master 's degree

from a prestigious university such as yours. An invigorating career in the field of Computer

Science has always been my dream. With an intense urge to delve into this challenging

field, the eagerness to experiment and explore new panoramas, I strongly believe that experiencing the world of work

for a couple of years would not suffice. A comprehensive graduate program is a consummate supplement to the job experience as it

opens up fresh boulevards to explore, thus leading to a wider range of career objectives.

Ever since the dawn of civilization, computers have undoubtedly topped the list of technological advancements and there is no such chore left out in the

contemporary world which a computer can not accomplish.They play a pivotal role in human advancement and give new direction to the technological evolution sector. I have always been enchanted by the WAY the world is literally becoming a global village and we are just a click away from the needful. This natural fascination for computers

got stepped-up manifold when I was introduced to the subject of RF Microcontroller which is nothing but a computer built on…

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