My Identity : Identity And Identity Essay

1584 Words Oct 19th, 2014 null Page
After reading from the book and listening to what we talked about in class relating to the concept of one’s identity, I realized that I have not actually deeply thought about my identity. However, now I am able to take the time and realize that even though I have not thought deeply about it my entire life has influenced my identity. Ever since I can remember, one of the most important things in my life has been my family and friends. I have been very lucky because I grew up in a family where I could be myself. Growing up in this type of environment enabled me to be the type of person who is there for others and wants to help others feel that they are important. After learning about Marcia’s Identity Statuses it allowed me to take a deeper look into how my identity fits into these statuses. The first identity domain that I will focus on is my occupational identity. I would say that right now that my identity status is identity achievement. This is because I have taken the time to explore activities that have helped me choose the occupation that I have chosen. Though there are some days in which I have debated my choice of becoming an elementary school teacher, because of the stressful school work, I know that I have made the right decision. I love being in an elementary school classroom because that is where all the work that I stressed over so far has paid off. I enjoy helping students realize their potential and making sure that they are able to gain all the…

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