Health Administration Personal Statement

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One’s personality, character, values and attitudes are developed and influenced by people around them. These could be either the parents, siblings, friends or other people we interact with. It is the same in my case as well. To start off with the most influencing people in my life, my parents have an imprint of their individual personalities on me. My father inculcated in me the values of hard work, determination and patience. While my mother is responsible for making me emotionally aware and caring for others. Both of them have always boosted me when I felt low and stood by my side while allowing me to make my decisions; either right or wrong. They helped me identify my potential and motivated me through every phase of life. Be it my days …show more content…
I want to see myself with my family in a small yet beautiful house on the outskirts of a city. I would like to earn enough to support my family and a few occasional luxuries. At present, I am just working my way into the health administration through Northern Lights College. I am giving time to this program to get a truer view if I really want to pursue a career in it. I have also registered myself for the dental licensing program in Canada, just in case I chose to pursue dentistry. At present, my predilection is towards health administration since it is a new area of study for me and this attracts my inquisitive mind. But previous experience in dentistry and guaranteed future security as a dentist makes me want to stay in it. I have given dentistry the time and now I am trying to give health administration its share as well. Hopefully, by the end of this program, I would have all the facts in front of me, about which one to choose. My family has invested a lot time and money in bringing me up to this level and their support would definitely be my strength. Also, since this is a very new field for me, I would need all the help and expert opinions from my mentors as well. I would like them to keep motivating me for better performance and would definitely like most of them to recommend me to university level education in health

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