Who Is My Grandmother's Death?

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In late 2013, my grandmother was diagnosed with pulmonary fibroses, a terminal disease that slowly hardens and deteriorates the lungs. She was given about a year to live and the entire family was crushed. This was a very trying time for my family and me, but luckily it didn’t end in tragedy. This situation helped me appreciate the value of the ones you love and made me grateful to be alive.
On my 14th birthday, in late April, I was worried it was the last one I’d have my grandma to celebrate with. At this point my mimi had been on constant oxygen and it was getting more difficult for her to even walk around her house without being out of breath. I wouldn’t have known how bad she was doing by just looking at her; she is the strongest woman I’ve ever met. My mom kept me in the loop with all her doctor appointments and hospital visits, we were just looking for any kind of hope. We found that hope in early July when her doctor said she may qualify for a lung transplant. I remember when my papa was telling my about this, we were sitting on their back porch enjoying the warm summer. I was beyond amazing
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I was going with Deca, a business club, to tour American Airlines stadium, and learn the marketing and sales behind the Dallas Mavs. It was 7:30 in the morning when I received a group text from my mom, “They have lungs perfect for Mimi, she is being prepped for surgery now.” Overwhelmed with fear and joy, I started to research everything I could find out about lung transplants. I didn’t know where else to focus my time. The whole family was praying for her but for the most part we were kept in the dark. I attended my field trip and actually had a great time which helped take my mind of Mimi, but when I got home my house was empty. My mom called me to tell me to watch my little brother because both my parents were at the hospital, and we sat at home and waited. Waited for some information, anything to know what was

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