Essay on My Goals Of Pursuing Architecture

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Prompt #1:
Three years ago, I flew sixteen hours to Los Angeles; I never forgot that incredible urban night view. The scenic image sparked my American dream, which is to build a happy family in the U.S. I will always remember that night as my new step in life with my husband and his family.
Architecture is my intended major. My goal of pursuing architecture as a profession is stemmed from a desire to construct safe buildings and create aesthetic arts. I vividly remember my initial exposure to the field of architecture.
When I was a child, I remember passing a small street on the way to school. In that street, I was always intrigued by two houses named Oyster Shell Houses. The outside walls of these two houses were constructed with oyster shells. I’d always been drawn to these two houses because I had hoped I may one day live comfortably in an aesthetically unique house.
As I slowly developed my artistic abilities, I often found myself asking my parents for art materials. With my advances in artwork, I considered a career in architecture. Unfortunately, I did not have any chances to major in architecture in China because my family could not support me in studying architecture, and they thought architecture was an area dominated only by males.
Even though I wasn’t able to major in architecture, I still appreciated architectural works of art. I chose to work at a performing association office for six years, which was located inside the Xinghai Concert Hall. The designers use…

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