My Goals Of Love

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I chose this topic because I think this is what drives me everyday to accomplish my goals in life. The love I have for my wife and daughter far exceed the love of anything else on this planet. I am retired from the Army but do make plenty from retirement to flourish well, but I my family will have more than what they “want” and I will make their dreams a reality.

What is Love
According to Webster 's dictionary Love is “an intense feeling of deep affection” which I agree with but I also think love is deeper than that. Love and relationships have been broken down into the Sternberg’s Triangular Theory which basically tells us the steps of love from when we meet somone to the day we marry and potentially reach the pinnacle of love and relationships
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After talking to my wife about it we decided that we weren 't really at consummate yet after 10 years but we are well on our way but we are companionate. My family is the most important things in my life hands down. I have been all over the world and have seen how cruel people can be but I have also seen how kind people can be. To make mine stronger I have decided to cut back on working so much, I realize that I am working so much for them and a future but I lost sight of them at one point and had to take a step back. If I don’t do this I feel that each person in my family will lose “self-disclosure” and start shutting down. “When one partner of a couple feels threatened and rejected, their self- esteem may lessen, which subsequently diminishes closeness in the …show more content…
I was putting my family off like I was putting off my school work for something that could have waited but I felt at the time didn 't and the buck stops here. I have cut back my workload on some employees and stopped traveling as much so that I can spend more time with them. Last weekend I even took my family with me. I made the choice to start including my family into the area of my life that is for my family. I have really talked about it a lot but the commitment part of this for me is a given nad sits side by side with love. I don’t believe that you can have love without commitment.

I am sure there have been many papers written about love and commitment but for this assignment it really hit home for me. I was going to drop this class because I felt like I didn 't have time and was going to fail because I wasn 't making the time for my assignments. After reading chapter 12 again with skimming and actually reading a lot of things made more sense for me. Love is something that people need, especially healthy love that can flourish and grow as I believe that it really never stops

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