Falling In Love, And 'When I Am Not With You'

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All three of the poems and short stories I chose have similarities. The authors in all three stories/poem are similar because they talk about love in many different ways. In the poem, When I Am Not with You," written in 1922 by Sara Teasdale, the narrator is explain how lonely she feels when she 's not with her other half. Right here she 's already stating how much she loves him and miss him. In the short story, "Falling in Love," written somewhere between 1823 - 1904 by Grace Greenwood, she 's talking about what falling in love means. How you know when you fall in love and how beautiful and awful it can be. “Song of Love’s Coming”, written in 1924 by Arthur Symons is poem that explains how you can fall in love without being aware. But, in this poem the arthur is talking about the love a parent can have with their child. All three sources are great and they all talk about love in so many different ways.
Love, what is love? Love is having genuine affection towards someone. That love can be towards your girlfriend/wife, boyfriend/husband, a family member, a pet, etc. Love can be to infinity, it doesn’t have a time, a date, or place to grow or when it can be gone/lose. In the short story,
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I felt a connection to the prom because that was exactly how I felt the first time I moved out of my house. I felt like the world was ending and I couldn 't move on. That I was lost because she was the only person that can comfort me when I was down, she is my bestfriend. I did the somethings as the person in the poem did, “ I have tried many things, Music and cities, starts in their constellations and the sea, but there is nothing that comforts me but you”. I felt so alone until I got use to living with my husband. Now the days or the nights that he was to work late I feel like my nights are long and unbearable. I guess I just hate to be

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