My Goals For Myself Isn 't A New Concept For Me Essay

1640 Words Aug 15th, 2015 null Page
Setting different goals for myself isn’t a new concept for me. I have been doing this ever since my second year of wrestling, in the ninth grade. My wrestling coach gave us an assignment to make different goals that we wanted to accomplish through our wrestling carriers so I did, making my number one goal, “An undefeated season.” I worked so hard from there on out to accomplish my goal and my senior year I had the satisfaction of completing this goal. Unfortunately I did not apply this to school, until the Summer Transitional Program. Through the program and the year I am excited to feel that same feeling of accomplishment and excitement after fulfilling each academic and social goal that I set for my self. The University of Maryland’s Business School is a very prestigious and high-ranking school. If you want to attend the university’s business school, you have to apply to be accepted. Being admitted the business school at the University of Maryland is very competitive, and you need a minimum of a 3.5 Grade Point Average to even be considered. The criterion for admissions to the business school was how I developed the goal to maintain at least a 3.5 GPA throughout freshman and sophomore year. My goal is very specific: it shows me that a 3.5 GPA is the absolute minimum GPA I can maintain to be considered for admissions. My goal is also measurable: by the use of Canvas I will be able to organize my schoolwork and monitor my grades, to be certain that I am doing everything I…

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