My Future Husband Essay

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A letter to my future husband or life time partner. At one point I will love to get marry and spend my life with you. Although I will want to get get marry with you someday, I do not want to just get marry just because we have been together for a while or we are just simply settling down. I want my future husband to marry me because they see me as their best friend who will always be there and supportive them no matter if it is good or bad. I will want them to be patient, and be able to feel they are able to talk to me no matter what is bothering them or what is in their mind. They also have to be adventures and be up to do anything from random road trips to trying new food places in different cities. A person that is spontaneous and at times will drop everything to do something out of the daily routine. …show more content…
You may ask why are this some of the qualities a good partner should possess ? The first quality being best friends, who wants to marry someone that is not your best friend your are not able to feel joy and sad as well have that one person that you could tell anything and would not judge you. Supportive partner, there will come a day that I will need you and I will want you to be there no matter what it is as well as I will be there for you when you just want me to be your support system. We will have to be supportive of one another no matter, if we are having trouble with family or losing a job or simply being there when there is good news and being each other 's cheerleader . Patient is another main quality my future husband should have not only should my husband have it I should have it as well. No marriage is perfect we will find something that will bug us from one another or simply learning to adjust to certain things. communication is very imp we know each other we do not know what each other is thinking all the

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