My Future Career, The Education Requirements, And Required Skills

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In this paper, I will talk about my future career, the education requirements, and required skills. I will talk about the personality traits that are necessary in this career. I will talk about the ones that I possess and the ones that I need to work on. I will share my future career goals and where I see myself in five years.
Career Overview
My future profession is a health educator. As a health educator I will have the opportunity to teach people what being healthy is really about. I will also be able to help people set goals for themselves and achieve those goals to become healthier people. I will be able to help people implement a plan and put that plan into action. My biggest goal in life is to help people and inspire others to achieve their goals and work towards becoming better.

Education requirements
There are not any education requirements to become a health educator. You would obviously need to have knowledge and maybe even some experience in the field. The only education that I found to be a requirement is a high school diploma. Having at least an associate’s degree is always better and can set you apart from others seeking a career in your field. There are a few different places that prefer and may even require you to have a bachelor’s degree. I would like to achieve at least my bachelor’s degree and work to further my education as I am working in the field and gaining experience.

Required Skills
There are many different skills that are required to be a…

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