My Future Career And Career Goals In Education

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In this paper, I will talk about my future career, the education requirements, and required skills. I will talk about the personality traits that are necessary in this career. I will talk about the ones that I possess and the ones that I need to work on. I will share my future career goals and where I see myself in five years.
Career Overview
My future profession is a health educator. As a health educator I will have the opportunity to teach people what being healthy is really about. I will also be able to help people set goals for themselves and achieve those goals to become healthier people. I will be able to help people implement a plan and put that plan into action. My biggest goal in life is to help people and inspire others to achieve
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The category that I scored the highest in was Social, which makes sense because I do enjoy working with people and being able to lead people as well as work in a team setting. Some of the skills that were in the social category include, teaching, giving advice, helping and being of service to people. I think that these skills fit me very well, and are pertinent to the career that I hope to work in. Helping people is something that I am very passionate about. These skills will be of great value during my career as a health educator. Giving advice is a skill that will be very useful to me because as a health educator, it will be my job to educate people and give health advice. Helping people will be what I do every day as a health educator. I found the suggested careers to be quite interesting, because most of them are careers that interest me. Health educator was a career that was under the category that I score most high in, which was social. I found this to be interesting because it seems that the learning activity was very …show more content…
One skill that I need to work on as I approach a career in this field is working with clear rules. I am not very skilled in this area, because I like to think outside of the box and create rules for myself. This is something that I need to work on because in the future, I may have to work under someone else. Another thing that I need to work on is following a strong leader. This is not something that I am not great at because I like to be the leader and be in charge of other people. I need to work on this because as a health coach, it will be my job to guide other people and show them the way, rather than being their boss.

Career Goals
After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in nutrition science, I plan to work as a health educator. I would like to work for a company so that I can get some hands on experience in the field, before venturing out completely on my own. I would eventually like to work for myself. I would like to return to school after earning my bachelor’s degree and further my education. I do love to learn and would like to learn as much as I can, both professionally and academically.

Where Do I See Myself In 5

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