My Friends Are All Telling You Essay

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8. Your friends are all telling you to bail

When you 're love-drunk, you often miss everything mentioned in this article. Your friends don 't miss anything when it 's not them in the relationship. They see it all. They will be hesitant to tell you that the girl you 're dating is an absolute lunatic, but you 'll be too busy smelling her perfume and noticing how blue her eyes are in the sunlight. Even the best of best friends can tell you that you are screwing up and that your girlfriend is crazy, but you won 't listen. Your friends are the ones that will be there before and after you finally see what is happening, so you should listen to them even if it 's hard to hear.

Think about when you see your buddy get obsessed with his new girlfriend. That 's usually the case in any new relationship, but as time goes on, you start to notice things about her. If she 's great, she 's great! If she seems to be making him unhappy, you and your friends get together and actually talk about it. Friends know when a friend is miserable even when they are in denial. So take it from me.... when the majority of your friends are pointing things out about how you 're being treated and you take a step back and look, you should listen to them If not, you could end up settling with her, getting married, having a kid who flunks English, and working in a job you hate until you die.

9. Having kids from multiple partners, but it 's always their exes fault for their plight

You know that show on Mtv…

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