My Food Intake Pattern Is Pretty Regular For The Most Part Essay

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My usual food intake pattern is pretty regular for the most part, although it slightly fluctuates from time to time. My typical day starts out around 8a.m. with an 8-12oz cup of black coffee and some days I will add two tablespoons of French vanilla creamer. If I find myself still hungry after a cup of coffee, I will eat one cup of Special K cereal with about ¼ cup of 1% milk. I wouldn’t say I am much of a breakfast person, though I do enjoy it from time to time. Around 11:30 a.m. I find myself wanting to eat lunch and would put my hunger at 3 from the Hunger Scale. For lunch I normally make something light for myself, which includes one 12 fluid ounce diet coke, small pretzel sticks about 60, 1-2 tablespoons of jiffy peanut butter, a small apple and a low fat mozzarella string cheese. Most days my lunch gets me through to lunch, but some days I find myself snacking more than I’d like one sweet treats. Some of my favorite sweet treat are cupcakes, Reese’s peanut butter cups, plain chocolate M&M’s, or cookies of any kind. When I have an appetite for my favorite sweet treats I try drinking a bottle of water and chewing sugar free gum to suppress the urge to grab those. I’d out of all my meals, dinner is most definitely the biggest one. I normally try to cook a healthy dinner for myself and family, although some nights I prefer convenience. A normal home cooked meal for me would consist of grilled chicken with a tablespoon of Ms. Dash’s seasoning, 5-6 roasted asparagus sticks…

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