My Focus Child Learning Development Essay example

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During my semester I was given a focus child. Throughout this whole semester I observe and documented my focus child learning development and assess to see if she is developing correctly. She is two and half years old and she lives at home with her mother and father. As I observe my focus child I noticed her temperaments. She is very active and after sometime of seeing you she warms up to you, but at first she could be standoffish. She’s still a young toddler so her attention span is short, but she can participate in activities. Continuing to observe my focus child her multiple intelligences are visual-spatial and interpersonal. She loves to draw and play with puzzles, but at the same time when she interacts with others that’s when she learns her best. When theirs other children involved she seems to have more interest in the activity which influences her literacy and language development. I’ve noticed how she would pay attention to the activity more because other children are involved, so that shows me that she learns better in groups. When it comes to my focus child and the processes of the symbolic language of literacy and language I feel she use them well. I’ve planned different activities where she represent and express and she was able to meet different points. For example, I planned an activity with her favorite book called five little monkeys and when I was reading the story she was able to tell the story with me and also tell me what’s going to happen next which…

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