Essay My First Year Of High School

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The day was October 15th, 2012. I had finally freed myself from him. I was fourteen years old and just started my first year of high school. Everything seemed perfect at the time but that changed when I met him. His name was Dave. He wasn 't tall like most guys. He was short and a little chubby on the belly. His thin, brown hair and light brown eyes looked boring. The thick, black glasses he wore matched his perfectly round face. Although his features appeared this way, he was very charismatic. I found all those characteristics appealing in a way. He was four years older than I was. Something that never crossed my mind then. Regardless of the age difference between us, I fell for him anyways.

What I thought was love turned into a nightmare shortly after. The beginning of our relationship started out great. Full of laughter, smiles, and adventure. I was lavished with many gifts and taken to many places. From exquisite jewelry to high end restaurants, I felt like a queen. Of course I never asked for any of these things but I received them on a daily basis. Everyone thought we were crazy and they were right. I was young and Dave an adult. I guess I was too oblivious to accept the fact that what we had was forbidden. I didn 't care though because I loved him. With him I felt important. I was needed by someone who I thought loved me.

As our relationship progressed, I noticed that Dave was extremely possessive. He would constantly say to me, “I 'll love you forever. You 're…

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