My First Year Of High School Essay

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In 2007, the United States Census Bureau found that the average 18-year-old in the U.S. would have only moved twice. Some might infer that my family moves excessively, as we have already moved ten times by the time I was fifteen years old. Each time that I moved, I abandoned my friends, teachers, and community. While I did not have a problem moving into a different house, I always had an issue with new schools. I found myself uneasy when I walked into a classroom as a new student. Classes are supposed to be a welcoming institution of learning. Instead, a frigid room with twenty-five unfamiliar staring faces greeted me. My relocation from Massachusetts to Georgia was one that especially stood out. It was my most recent relocation and it took place in my first year of high school. I was indifferent when my mom informed me about moving, but I took interest when I realized that it would be another out-of-state move. I immediately started organizing all of my clothes into piles where I decided whether I would retain them or discard them. As I discarded several articles of clothing, I grasped how much I would miss the state, the house, and most importantly, the memories. At that time, I became reminiscent as I peered back on each time I had to move. I remembered them so vividly. The first time that we traveled was when my parents grew apart and got divorced when I was in third grade. My two brothers, my mother, and I traveled from the U.S Virgin Islands. While we stayed in…

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