Lessons Learned In College

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Four months ago as the summer was coming to an end, and the upcoming school year was lurking in the air like an unwanted smell, I had a fleeting, very unwelcome feeling of freshman year. No longer would I be a high school student living in my parent’s house in the small town of Parker, Colorado. I instead, would be traveling 1,145 miles to Oxford, Mississippi, and attending school with 23,000 other students. I clung to my mom at orientation like a child hiding behind their mother’s skirt because I was terrified of the unknown. I did not know what to expect of college, the south or this new, and exciting experience. However, 106 days have now passed since that day, and I can now safely say I survived my first semester of college. This is due to many lessons I have been taught by The University of Mississippi which are reflected weekly in my commonplace book. Many of the posts …show more content…
Freedom to be who you are, freedom to stay out late, and do whatever I wanted to do. What I did not consider was the fact that I was here to learn. My parents were not dishing out 40,000 so that I could drink “black out buckets” all night at the Levee, and neglect my studies. Thankfully this realization came sooner rather than later, and I was able to adjust so that I could have an academically successful career. This is reflected in my week 2 blog reflection when I talked about my experience of having to turn down friends offers to go out on a Tuesday night because I had, and upcoming history test. I struggled with the balance of fun, and school for a while after that, but eventually, I learned something from it. I am not talking about how the United States dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima, and Nagasaki but rather, discipline. I discovered that you must do your school work no matter how much you would rather be doing something else. This was especially prevailing in my mathematics

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