My First Year Of College Essay

1042 Words Apr 29th, 2016 null Page
My first year of college, I had many challenges that I faced as a writer , but I was able to overcome some of those challenges by putting to practice my writing skills in my writing composition II class. I have learned valuable lessons that I will take into apply in my education. I have learned to not procrastinate because that doesn 't get you anywhere in college or in life. I have also learned when writing my essays, to get my point across and to not make my essay too extensive because that can cause my essay to be too wordy and can confuse my audience to what I 'm trying to prove. This semester I came to an understanding of what persuasive writing is. Persuasive writing is very simple and the whole point we do persuasive writing is to convince the reader that our opinion is correct, and by that we present facts and evidences. I have made progress in my writing skills from the beginning of the semester to now by proving strong claims and giving credentials to authors; and, although I have made some progress, I still need improvement in grammar and paragraph organization. Throughout the semester I have taken more time and thoughts about the topics I had to write about in writing class. I have seen progress in my essays from the beginning to the end of the semesters by providing stronger claims in my essays. A claim is important because is the main argument of an essay. In essay 1 (“Apocalypse Now”) I stated in one of my claims, “Wilson’s goal is to persuade the Christian…

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