My First Year Of A Jam Packed Update Of All Things Nubc Essay

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Hi NUBCer’s and friends and welcome to a jam packed update of all things NUBC.
Over the past few months crews have trained, travelled and competed at the Australian University Rowing Championships, in Perth and had great success across regattas in the CDRA. In particular NUBC showed their strength and versatility at the CDRA Sprint Champs, where we claimed the highly competitive Linwood Throsby Gift.
Further exciting news, we have been lucky enough to have Tony Blay volunteer his time to coach members of NUBC. Currently Tony can be found out at the sheds on Saturday squad mornings, where he coaches members of all different experience, from social novices through to our more competitive members.
Finally, congratulations to all students who completed another year of Uni. Relax, rest up and get rowing over the summer! Thank you to everyone who made my first year of rowing so enjoyable, I look forward to seeing you all at the shed open day and 55th Anniversary Dinner on the 26th of November to celebrate an awesome year of NUBC and the 55 that have passed.

The first regatta of the CDRA season was hosted by NUBC at Berry Park. Although conditions were less than admirable, it was a great opportunity for crews to gain some experience racing together before heading off to the Australian University Rowing Championships.
The day began with a win in the Men’s A/B 2x by Cody Shaw and Tim Trethowan, with Zac Lochrin and Matthew Meisenhelter following in 3rd. The next race of the day;…

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