Essay My First Year For University

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With results day looming around the corner the excitement of finishing your A Level or BTEC studies and the chance to go to university is at an all-time high. However, getting ready for university is important, and there are many things that this preparation can help your first few months at higher education past more smoothly.

Textbooks and reading lists

Once you have been accepted onto your course and enrolled, you’ll receive, usually via email, information about your course and a reading list. There will be a general reading list of textbooks that may prove helpful during your studies, your first year or in preparation for what is yet to come.

Textbooks will get you through university, and you’ll undoubtedly will need them to complete coursework and assignments, therefore getting use to their format and reading them efficiently is a much needed skill. However, you won’t necessarily need to buy every single book that any teacher or personal tutor recommends – it really is dependent on a personal basis. If you enjoy reading and know that you will read them during your course or before it begins then buy the amount you feel valuable, but you don’t have to break the bank to only then use the textbooks as a doorstopper for three years.

Visit your university

If you didn’t quite get the chance to visit your university before applying, or even after being accepted it still isn’t too late. You might find that you hate or love the grounds when you first step onto campus. If…

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