My First Year At Ucla Essay

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During my time at UCLA, engineering has increasingly become a central part of my life. While I was committed to the path of engineering when I first came to UCLA, I did not know what exactly to expect or how I could fit in. But since then, every year I have grown both as an engineer and as a person. My first year, I learned how to navigate the new experiences of college. I joined several clubs where I first really learned about what being an engineer is, through meeting upper classmen and starting to get hands-on experience. In my second year, I grew as a person, balancing academics, club activities and having time for fun. I started taking upper division classes, affirming that materials engineering is the right field for me. I became more involved in clubs, gaining leadership experience, as well as more hands-on experience in a variety of areas, exposing me to all the different possibilities that engineering offered.
Now, in my third year at UCLA, I thrive in the field of engineering. Academically, my upper division classes are more challenging, but more interesting. The subject matter continues to interest me and my involvement in clubs and organizations is what mostly connects me to becoming an engineer. On the technical side, I am a continuing member of ELFIN (Electron Losses and Fields Investigation), whose mission is designing and producing a CubeSat for launch in 2016. At ELFIN I have learned technical skills, including how to model and simulate thermal conditions in…

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