My First Year At Hampshire Essay

1197 Words Sep 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Coming in to my first year at hampshire, I was very nervous about how well I would do in such a different environment. My original goals for a career were to become an ASL interpreter, and open an animal shelter. That has now changed slightly. I still want to know Sign Language, but maybe not be a professional interpreter. I also want to be a veterinarian, but am nervous about how challenging that will be. Next semester, I am going to enroll in some science courses and see how well I can cope with them.
As for academic goals, I wanted to improve my penmanship, and do well in classes. I worked on my penmanship, but the closest I can come to neatness is if I go really slow, which does not always work in a situation where I need to take notes quickly, so I need to think of other ways to improve. I might have to seek out help from someone who can teach me how, which seems a little ridiculous at my age, but if it helps, it will be worth it.
An unexpected challenge was actually writing. I excelled at writing in high school, and often times found myself needing to shorten my essays to a more appropriate page length, but when I came to Hampshire, I struggled to make them long enough. The page requirements were twice what was expected in high school. I worked a lot with teaching assistants to help me figure out how to lengthen essays. I feel I definitely improved, but still have a ways to go before I am able to write long and well done essays.
I expected to join a lot of clubs…

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