My First Year As A Teacher Essay

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Picture it: It is August 2013, RVEC had just started it’s 8th grade Academy backup. The original 22 students who entered that classroom on the end of the 8th grade hall had began their journey towards their goal of being a member of the 5th graduating class of Roanoke Valley Early College. Now, around the same time, I was starting my first year as an 8th grade math and Math I teacher. It was my second year teaching, but the previous year, I had spent as a Exceptional Children’s teacher. I had a conversation with my former principal at Davie, because I was moved to Northwest during the middle of the year, about returning to Davie for the 2013-2014 year as a math teacher since I was certified in both math and exceptional children. As the students at RVEC were getting to know each other, since so many of them came from different school systems, I was getting to know Jarret who almost didn’t get into RVEC and only enrolled on day 10, Reggie who I could count on to not only be straight up about any situation and do it with comedy, but also work very hard, Gabrielle who always had the highest grade, and who I always looked forward to her drawings she made in her notebook everyday, Jamerica who was notorius for keeping stuff stirred up in the hallways, and who got hurt every time we played softball, and Rishard as they were currently in the 8th grade at Davie, although Rishard was the only one of these that was not assigned to me, I still go to know who he was. I also…

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