My First Week At The Lake Of The Ozarks Scout Reservation Essay

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My first week at the Lake of the Ozarks Scout Reservation, or Camp Hohn as everyone called it, was probably one of the worst weeks of my life. The camp looked nice on paper; it was described as a 120-acre camp on the banks of the Lake of the Ozarks, with bluffs overlooking the lake and many campsites,all surrounded by a five mile nature trail. However, they failed to include in the brochure that due to the camps size, the classes available to take were extremely spread out. To get to the waterfront, hiking down switchbacks was necessary. Also, the bluff was difficult to reach and had no railing, which offered no protection from the one hundred foot drop to the water below. As far as the trail goes, I will discuss that later. To say the least, I was in for a surprise when I showed up to camp Hohn on my first evening. Every year on the first Sunday in July, my troop leaves to go to camp from St. Martin’s School at ten thirty. My first year I had to go to my grandparent’s anniversary celebration, so I arrived at camp around five o’clock in the evening. I found my scoutmaster near the entrance to the camp, and he told me the rest of the troop had gone on the trail and would be back in an hour. When they returned, they told me they had “taken the fun part down by the waterfront.” I missed the sarcasm in their voices. Then we fixed dinner and the first day came to a close as everyone prepared for bed. To my surprise, the tents we slept in at camp were fashioned after the kind…

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