My First Visit With A Car Ride Essay examples

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After a silent car ride, we pulled up into the driveway and I hopped out of the car before it could even completely stop. With my backpack repeatedly hitting my side I rushed through the front door, ran down the hall, bursted into my room and immediately shut my door. I dropped my bag and leaned against the wood, lowering myself to the ground. I pulled my phone from my pocket. Two missed calls, three texts, one voicemail. Mom.

"Hey." Said one. "How did it go?" Asked another. "Call me when you can." Read the last.

"Jason, its Mom. I was wondering about your visit with Dr. Samwell today. Call me later okay? Love you." Click, I tossed my phone onto the bed a few feet away from me, sunk my head into my hands and ran my fingers through my hair.

Today was my first visit with Dr. Samwell. I sat patiently in his tan painted waiting room while smooth jazz gently played from the speakers above. After awhile, the assistant called me up and led me down a few halls to Dr. Samwell 's office. As I entered the office, he quickly stood up, introduced himself, shook my hand, offered me a seat and then placed himself back behind his desk. I then sat again in a dark brown leather chair centered right in front of him. He looked at a piece of paper, which I assumed to be mine considering he looked at me and then said, "So.. Jason. What brings you in here today?"

I looked at him but didnt say anything. I 'm not really much of a talker. I understand the concept of meeting someone new and…

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