Essay on My First Time - Original Writing

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After waking up for the second time, I was in a very different environment. I was laying on hard metal floor in a big room, with no windows. I sit up and I find myself in the middle of around 70 other children and teens. Some were crying, some were sleeping, some were talking, and some were just siting quietly like me. I bet the kids ranged from ages 4 to 17. So many different ages, and races. But a lot of them were boys, probably 75 percent of them. “Hey, do you know where we are?” I heard someone whisper to me, I turned around and I saw a very thin girl. She had a shaved head like my little sister Lulu, and one of the biggest pair of eyes I have ever seen. Though she was small, she looked around my age. “No, sorry. What’s your name?” I asked her. “I’m Nia, I’m 13. What’s your name?” she asked, still whispering. We talked for a little while. I told her a few facts about my life, and she did the same. She says she has been an orphan since she was 9 years old. She said she had a younger brother but he died of malnutrition shortly after both of her parents died in a shooting at their work. She says she stays alive by stealing and asking for food, and she drinks anything she can get her hands on. The last thing she remembers about being taken was that a woman told her she had a lot of food where she lived, and since Nia hadn 't ate in 3 days, she followed the woman. She said she was taken around 4 days ago and since then, they only gave her a cup of water and a bite of…

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