My First Step Into The World Of Teaching Essay

776 Words Aug 19th, 2016 4 Pages
The lesson I taught was my first step into the world of teaching. I think I performed well for my first attempt however, there is a lot of room for improvement. My 10 minute lesson was not executed as effectively as I had originally planned. While my ‘4 students’ responded well to the task set, I feel a class of year 1 students could possibly find this task too challenging at their learning level as knowledge of special events comes with life experience.
When reflecting upon my 10 minute lesson, I have observed a number of strengths and weaknesses in my teaching practice. I believe my best strength was being able to successfully engage my students in the lesson. The fun little tiptoeing into the class, switching their listening ears on and putting on their focus googles was a strong tool I used in engaging them from the moment they stepped into the classroom. The presentation I had created specifically for the lesson contained the key ideas of celebrations in an organised way. I combined this with pictures to accommodate for the spatial – visual learners of the class as Gardner (1985, 1993) believes students have “different ways of knowing and preferred learning styles” (Churchill, 2013, pg. 240). Sue Hudson (2016) states “We need to think about how we can ensure inclusive practice to feel that every student is valued in the lessons we are preparing”, I considered this when planning the activity. I tried to cater for a diverse range of learners from all cultures and all…

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