My First Spring Break Is Characterized By A Short Trip Essay

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For me, every spring break is characterized by a short trip to either Bald Head Island, or my uncle and aunt’s house in Georgia. This spring break would be different though. A day after Easter Sunday, my parents told me, my brother, and my sister that we were going down to Georgia. We were excited for the trip, as we are all trips, but we would be a lot more excited about four hours into the six hour drive to Georgia. My parents pull the car into a rural, roadside gas station, fill up the car, then proceed to surprise us with a trip to Disney World. My siblings and I could barely contain our excitement; it had been a dream of ours since we knew what Disney World was, to go and experience the fantasyland that existed in Orlando, and now that we were all big enough to ride the rides, we were finally going. The two days that followed were some of the best I’ve ever had, beginning with our 11:30 pm arrival and ending with the all-too-soon departure. Among the many amazing things I experienced at Disney, my favorite experiences, by far were the rides. My favorites included Hollywood Studios’ Rock’n Rollercoaster, the Tower of Terror, and Space Mountain with their adrenaline-filled drops and rolls as well as their great speed. The Tower of Terror, found in Disney Hollywood Studios, was the most nerve wracking ride that I rode. The mere thought of being flung into the air made me nervous, but even so, I was too excited to think about it. Even without FastPass, the line for…

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