Essay on My First Semester Of College

1011 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
I am not sure I have changed a ton in this first semester of college. I still really want to teach, and I still believe that special education is where I want to teach. A number of people might say that they are more independent or outgoing now. I had to become independent last year when I was living away from my parents for the school year, so that independence really hasn’t increased in these past few months. I would maybe say that I am more introverted now than before. While I still do not have a problem talking to new people, I am valuing my personal space and alone time a lot more now than I ever did before. I have a variety of close friends here and at home now. Joyell, Kara, and Zach from home and Christy and Rebecca here. I am comfortable with the seemingly limited number because I do not necessarily want to hang out with people all the time. I am also hoping to make some friends in my program once I actually get into it next semester. In my free time, I watch TV, go on my computer, or read. My strengths are knowing when I need help and, in general, academic success. I need to work on having a more regular sleep pattern and not procrastinating so much. My overall experience has been fairly positive, though there are some things I did not care for in this first semester. I really like the America Reads program. The opportunity to get into schools so early in my higher education journey is truly priceless. I have the opportunity to work with real kids, trying out…

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