My First Placement : A Nutshell, This Course Is Eye Opening For Me

711 Words Mar 8th, 2016 3 Pages
In a nutshell, this course was eye-opening for me. My first placement was in physical education and at the start of this course I did not believe that much of it would apply to my first teachable. I knew that there were easy ways to work literacy into my health lessons, but I was unaware of the possibilities of working literacy into everyday lessons in the gym. The information I have gained from my peers and the instructor will be put somewhere I can easily gain access to when I begin my own teaching career. I can only hope this class was as useful to my peers as it was for me.
For the majority of the course, my peers gave presentations on how to work literacy into specific subjects. The presentations offered such a wide variety of ideas and concepts that I would never have thought of myself. These presentations made me realize how literacy can be worked into any and every lesson. A large number of strategies from the Think Literacy guide from multiple subjects have made their way into my “teaching toolkit”. I have included many of the strategies in lesson plans I had made this semester for other classes after learning about them. Another important quality of the presentations was that they all displayed ways in which scaffolding can be used in a literacy lesson. By building up to the activities I feel that it will allow for more success in the classroom and allow the students to think about how they are learning. The presentations were a very effective way of…

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