Essay on My First Memory Of Your Literary Talent

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As you grow older in life some things are always changing, adapting, developing, one of them being your literary talent. Each person has a different story on how they learned to read and write;, while some road a long trip on the struggle bus, others came much more naturally. For me I was driving that struggle bus. Luckily enough through the grade levels I had inspiring teachers, good friends, and helpful family members to get me to the literacy high I’m at today., My first memory of anything literacy related was when I was nothing but a little sprout. Each night my father would read to me. It got to the point where I would refuse to sleep unless at least one story had been read. My all time favorite story was the classic, monkeys jumping on the bed. I loved that story for reasons unknown because as I read it again at the age of 17, I’m well aware of how childish it is. Later in my life when I started the agonizing journey that is school, I struggled highly with being told what to do. One day my mom got a call from my preschool teacher stating, “Isabelle, refuses to write her full name on her papers. She just puts a huge ‘I’ and tells me that she’s the only person in the class whose name begins with ‘I’ and if I can’t figure out the paper is hers, then I’m the dumb one.” After my mom had a nice long chat with me about that one, I would sprawl Izzy across my papers in jagged font because it was less letters for me to write;, I was always taking the easy ways out of…

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