My First Love Can Not Compare Essay

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My First Love Cannot Compare
Growing up we are all faced with love. It may be a family/friendly ?I love you? with those that are closest to you, or it might be a very strong, serious feeling with that one special person. Either way, knowing that someone has feelings for you and enjoys having you around in their life, that?s a special excitement for us to feel.
I have always been a romantic. I love relationships, couples, and laughing with someone who means everything to you. Many of us go through a number of relationships before we find ?the one?. Although, no love compares to your first love. I found this love when I was sixteen years old.
When I was a freshman in high school, I noticed a very attractive guy in my math class. He was very easygoing, intelligent, skilled, comical, and well liked. I was the self-conscious young girl whose face would turn red in a hot second if I made eye contact with him. All throughout the year I would spend so much of my time trying to make myself talk to him. By the end of my freshman year we had talked some and performed in the same choir a couple of times; I even got his number and set his contact as ?Jason?. We ended up becoming really solid friends with him the summer before our sophomore year.
Sophomore year came along and we were placed in the same choir and musical theatre classes. I still had an extensive infatuation about him, but I learned to just be friends with him since he obviously did not want me. We became extremely close…

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