My First Impression - Original Writing Essay

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My First Impression
When contemplating a student into a prestigious college, a college administrator closely inquires the student’s college essay. This essay often embodies the student’s interests and abilities while trying to reflect themselves in the best possible light. Although the student’s essay may encompass details about themselves positively, some essays reflect negative attributes as well. The positive qualities about yourself are easy to list in an essay incontestably, but often difficult to include a sufficient amount of insight. In addition to including insight, it is often forgotten to spend an excessive amount of time on proofreading and revising a paper. Writing is a reflection of a person. College administrators and employers also depict a person based on their writing ability. Writing determines who a person is. When reading a story, one can often annotate the reading level of a story based on the vocabulary of writing the author provides. Children’s books often comprise easy reading with basic sentences and small words. Adult books concern difficult words appropriate for their age. Vocabulary is a significant indicator of whether an author is intellectual or amateur. Using difficult words that only few may understand will also make one’s insight seem more critical and esoteric. “Single words can carry enormous expressive power, and if you use words with discipline you can run circles, cognitively speaking, around someone who doesn 't have well-developed…

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