My First English Name - Original Writing Essay

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“Shine! Shine!” People like to call out my name. Those who own a unique or an interesting name might also hold a special and meaningful story behind the given name. Back in 2006, at the age of five, our family lived in a small antique bottom floor condo in Sosa, one of the undeveloped cities in South Korea. The condo was constructed with the ground floor leading stairs underground. If there had been an elevator in our limited condo, the floor would have been labeled B1, instead of F1. During winter season, the basement would become cold easily. When summer emerged, the sunlight would withdraw from our house because of the high stairs in front of our door, blocking the sunlight. My father who served as a pastor, made a prayer hoping for me to live in a warm place as I grow, where sunlights would freely shine upon me. Then, named me “Shine”as my first English name. How fortunate was I, moving to Hawaii with both my parents full of sunshine and paradise, as my father had hoped. But sometimes, my name approached as a burden to me.A strange feeling came upon me that I always had to live according to my name: to be bright and outstanding. My parents’ calling as missionaries led me to Kona since 2007, and we moved around occasionally for mission trips and wanting to settle one day. From houses to countries, back and forth, I was following my parents’ footsteps. Education pulled me back and creating long lasting friendships were just temporary. I remember the times how disappointed…

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