Essay on My First Day Of School

1450 Words Aug 21st, 2015 6 Pages
Moving to a new country is always hard, I had to leave most of my family members and friends behind, learn a new language, go to a new school, and make new friends and that wasn 't really easy for me. But during these 5 years I have accomplished many things. I came to America when I was 9 so I didn 't speak any English, besides a few basic terms. The first day of school was very confusing for me, it was different then what I was used to. My teacher introduced me and everyone said something that was probably either "Hi Helga" or "Hello Helga" because I remember hearing my name. One of the subjects that we had was a cooking class, our teacher gave us a recipe and we had to make it. We had to make omelets .Everyone started doing it but I had no idea what I was supposed to do. A few people in my table helped me, they showed me what the words meant and they also asked me questions, they asked me what each object on the table was. I knew a few because I had English in my country but we had it once a week and all the terms weren 't right. For example, in my country I was taught that an eraser was called a "rubber" after my classmates pointed at my eraser on top of my pencil and asked me what it was, I said it was a rubber, they laughed and told me that it was actually an eraser. Most of the time I didn’t know what people were talking about and I didn’t know anybody who spoke my language so it was hard to communicate. My teacher also gave me a website to go on so I could read…

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