My First Day Of School For Students And Staff At Fresno High School

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8-15-16 8:00-11:00 Today was the first day of school for students and staff at Fresno High School. I met with the head counselor, Jimi Rodgers and was introduced to attendance staff. I helped organized all 9th-12th class schedules, as well as distributing them to students.
8-22-16 8:00-5:15 Today was my first full day at Fresno High. I met my on-site supervisor, Chie Moua and was introduced to the other six counselors. I was told I would be working with Moua and Michael Margison, 9th grade intervention counselor. I spent the day shadowing Moua while she worked with students in her office. I was also briefly introduced to ATLAS and how to create student’s class schedules.
8-23-16 8:00-3:30 I became more familiar with the A-G requirements, Fresno High’s International Baccalaureate (IB) program, how to create a College Board account, how to link College Board to Khan Academy, and how to read students’ transcripts. Moua also gave a short baseline A-G quiz.
8-23-16 7:00-8:00 At home, I researched about International Baccalaureate and the types of courses Fresno High offers to students.
8-24-16 8:00-5:15 Most of the counselors and I spent our day in the computer lab helping junior and senior students from their English classes create email accounts, College Board accounts and linking their College Board accounts to Khan Academy.
8-29-16 8:00-4:45 Today I attended a management meeting with all the school administrator staff. After the meeting, I helped students linked their…

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