Essay on My First Day Of Class

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Through out my English classes in high school, I lacked the confidence in my writings and group projects. In my written projects, I would dread peer review due to being scared that my classmates would judge my writing. I also would view every critique they gave as insulting me instead of trying to help me better communicate my ideas in my paper. During peer review sessions, I would be so wrapped up in the idea that my peers did not like aspects of my paper, that I would ignore the positive feedback they gave me. This lack of confidence in my writings also were evident in oral presentations and projects. I would avoid making eye contact when speaking and I would talk as fast as I could in order to be done with my part of the presentation. This lack of effective non-verbal communication would overshadow the ideas and value in my presentation. My lack of confidence followed me to my first day of class in English 1102. Once I was assigned to read the WOVEN standards, I started to realize that my lack of confidence in my work was the result of not understanding the areas of communication of my past projects. I soon saw areas of communication that would ease my fears and increase my confidence.

First Goal: Confidence in Oral Presentations

I decided that my biggest fear was having to orally communicate my projects and ideas in front of my peers. Throughout high school, I knew my projects were to the best of my ability and there were something to be proud of, but…

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