My First College Writing Course Essay

822 Words Nov 18th, 2015 4 Pages
Twelve weeks later, my first college writing course completed, and to my pleasant almost surprise, I feel as though I have bettered myself in writing. If you look back at my Mid-term Reflection, walking into my first undergraduate writing class was a little unsettling. Was I going to be totally on top of everything the professor threw at us students or was I going to be completely unprepared? Rhetoric and Composition 103 was neither one nor the other, but a writing class that took what I knew and what I did not to create a well-rounded writer. By the time Mid-term’s rolled around, I could already see a change in my skills as a writer. Now at the time of finals, this transformation is more prominent than ever. At the beginning of this WRD course I had set specific goals to help better myself as a writer, because of this I can now see how far my writing has come and the new relationship I have formed with writing itself. Beginning this class with a set of goals was the first step to evolving as a writer. Setting aside a couple of topics or characteristics of writing I knew I needed to work every time I that I composed an essay allowed me to slowly change my errors and simply work on becoming a better writer. One example of this would be how I never proof read any assignment before turning it in. Whether it be for WRD 103 or my Discover class, editing was a tool I never used. One of my goals to become a better writer was to put in more effort in the process of an essay, so…

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