Essay on My First Class At School

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It 's now Monday morning and she has to go to school. Luckily today her first class starts at eleven and the alarm clock read that it 's nine forty.
After spending last night and early morning at the casino, and after getting home around two, she was grateful for the extra hours of sleep that she wouldn 't usually have on an average school day. It was on her way to the bathroom that she decides to get herself some pancakes for breakfast, as a treat for her win at the casino. After her quick shower she gets dressed in some blue jeans, black boots, and an olive green over sized sweater over a grey thin tee shirt. Quickly drying her hair and applying some lotion and chap stick she heads for the door. Grabbing her school bag and keys she was out of the door with her wall clock reading ten twenty. Once she got to her car she cranked on the heating, the weather was transitioning from fall to winter and that meant that her fall semester was almost up.
Currently on her way to campus she stops by the diner that she 's been going to since she arrived to this town. It was conveniently on her way to campus, and it was quaint enough that she could go in and read without being disturbed or it being too loud.
Stepping into the diner she was enveloped in warmth. One of the ladies who works as a waitress and host sees her and starts to walk towards her and greets her.
"Hey sweetie, would you like your usual?" asked the waitress.
"Good morning Ayame, yes the usual please," she responds…

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