Essay about My First Birthday - Original Writing

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By the time, her mom moored the boat to the wooden stilt of the house with a long nylon rope; Yanti was up and jumped out of her bed, hearing the sudden pitter-patter of the rains on the rooftop. The drizzle turned into a downpour, and a heavy, strong gusty wind started banging on their gray wooden doors and windows — making everything inaudible inside the house.

She flossed her teeth, standing in front of a large mirror over the wash basin, after dusting, scrubbing and mopping the house floor — part of her routine household responsibilities that her mom had assigned to her, days after she had her the tenth birthday. Ever since, she’d been doing that diligently, without giving miss a single day. She then entered the shower, draping a white towel over her breast and barely hanging up to her groin, humming her favorite song that she sang last night in the Blue Lagoon Karaoke she had visited along with her fiancé Rinto. For the first few minutes, she tried experimenting with different scales, modulating her voice, till, Tati, her next door buddy who too was taking a shower, teased and booed Yanti through the window of their washroom. Pissed off, Yanti made a girlie face at her, before scowling and slamming hard the wooden window over her face. Under the shower, Yanti was playful, self-obsessed and self-absorbed with her private body parts — indulging in many times, seeing her own stark nude image in the mirror. Pretty, perky and sparky was she in the eyes of…

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