My First Basketball Game - Original Writing Essay

1125 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
My older brother had just won his first basketball game, I ran him his Gatorade after he was released from talking to his coach. After the game, Matt ran up to my mom and hugged her, she praised him for his hard work as we walked to the parking lot. As we were walking to the car we saw one of the parents mom bent over her son attending to an injury. Between my mother’s maternal instinct and her West Virginia upbringing, she rushed over to help. The boy was frantically crying as his mother was inspecting his finger, she began to show my mom where his finger was red and swollen, my mother with a concerned voice asked, “What happened? Did he stove his finger?” The boy’s mother looked up at my mom with an irritated look in her eyes, and sarcastically came back with, “ No Ms. West Virginia, he didn’t stove his finger, but he’s fixin’ to.” My mother felt completely shut down and deflated. She quickly tried to corral her courage and her kids, and walk away. Despite the hurtful encounters my mother ran into, she never denied her roots. Her roots grew far deeper than the digs and cuts people would try to make at her. My mom did everything in her will to ensure that she would never be consumed with the new world and new literacies she was becoming use to in California. She became acquainted to the new lifestyle and the new language in order to maintain stability and promote a healthy life her family. Although she developed a new discourse she would never see her primary discourse…

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