My Favorite Time Of The Day Essay

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Sometimes, the things we know, we can take for granite. We can learn through teachers reiterating the same advice over and over again, until we can move on to something new. A particular situation can reinforce new lessons that one might have not learned before. We keep forming new lessons, capturing the knowledge to use in years to come. A time that I was so careless in school, getting by with straight A’s my eighth grade year, was corrupted by going into my freshman year, Geometry class. Our eighth grade year was still young. This was the good times when our grades didn’t count and I personally, didn’t care if my grades did count or not. My favorite time of the day was Algebra one. Now, I know that many of my classmates hated Algebra one and dreaded for the time to come, but for me I enjoyed every part of it. As we first walk into the classroom the aroma hits, the smell was remarkable, for Mr. Peirce had gotten a new Keurig.
“Good morning Mr. Peirce,” I said, walking to my seat.
“Good morning,” Mr. Peirce said with a smile.
Once we had gotten into our seats we start the lesson. I started to take notes, but as he went on I started to wander off into the conversation that was happening next to me. Sitting next to me was Carter Johnson, probably the loudest person I will ever know. He has never taken notes in math in his life, why would he need to. I notice that what Mr. Peirce was talking about in the lesson, I had already known how to do, why I would…

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