My Favorite Mystery Of The World Essay

1421 Words Oct 10th, 2015 null Page
I am an overthinker. Problems linger in my head and I repeat it over and over asking myself if I could’ve done something differently. I keep thinking and thinking.
As a kid, I was always fascinated by science. My favorites were the study of Psychology and Forensics. Science was about finding out the mysteries of the world, and maybe that’s why I loved Science, because I loved mysteries as well. The suspense, the critical thinking, the thrill, all fun and games to me, but the best part of it all, is winning these games, solving the mysteries. And my favorite mystery of them all was about a girl. It was in my Cinematography class, early on an August morning in portable 7. As I enter the class, with my coffee, the portable was small and gloomy. There weren’t any tables, but there was a gigantic stage right by the entrance, and in front of the stage was a big circle of chairs with students seated on them, kind of like one those group talk session in which we all tell each other our problems and try to help each other, which was something I wouldn’t mind doing. I could talk about how school was just a place where we were forced to socialize and pressured to do things we wouldn’t want to know about, measured our intelligence with a silly scale. I took my seat right by the stage. As the class filled up with the students, we started to introduce ourselves. One by one we went around the circle saying our name and what we would like to be called throughout the class. It…

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