My Favorite Character Essay

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Who is Your Favorite Character and Why?

October 7, 2010

My favorite character from the novel These Boots Are Made for Stalking by Lisi Harrison is Massie Block. Massie is a fun, fashionable, and sometimes feisty friend. But at the end of the day she is always having fun whether with bean her lovable dog, Kendra and William, her parents, and The Pretty Committee, her infamous group of friends that include Claire, her guest house roommate, Alicia, Massie’s Fannish(fake Spanish.) BFF, Dylan, a bodacious redhead with tons of attitude and a big appetite to complete it, and finally Kristen, a sports fanatic who can totally bend anything like Beckham.
Massie Block is a very appearance inspired person. She loves the flashy names of fashion
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And from that day forth the PC gave Kristen designer hand me downs and unlimited shopping, expenses on them.
Whenever sitting in the Range Rover or a Friday Night Sleepover Massie has tons of exclusive PC games made up for them. Gossip Points are a fun way to get the inside scoop and to get points which is great because it’s something to look forward to at the end of the school day. When school is over, Massie and the rest of the girls get to the Range Rover and start in on the gossip and their points, each girl tries to outnumber one another’s point score to get the highest points that day! Winner gets to choose which store at the mall they all go to first. Would You Rather: Designer Edition is another game Massie created for the PC only, it’s a fun way to get to each other’s personal style and just a fun little game to play with your girls! Would You Rather Wear Gap jeans for 5 years or Salvation Army hand me downs for 2 years??
Overall, Massie Block is an amazing friend and an even greater alpha, LEADER. What kind of best friend would give you free rides to, from, and anywhere else in a luxurious Range Rover? What kind of buddy would take months trying to create a game that has your two favorite things, gossip and shopping? What kind of BFF would EVER have sleepovers every Friday night and order the finest and your favorites just so you

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